Traditional Poinsettia – Christmas Flowers

christmas flowers

It is estimated that over 34 million poinsettia plants will be sold this Christmas, and that number represents 25% of all the potted plants sold this year. The king of the Christmas flowers is prolific during this season, seen everywhere from corporate lobbies to nativity scenes. Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist is proud to offer high-quality, long-lasting poinsettia plants for every name on your list – but why is this classic flowering plant so strongly associated with this holiday?

The legend of the poinsettia plant began in Mexico, which is where the plant was discovered by Joel Roberts Poinsett. Locals told Poinsett of the story of a young girl who wished to bring a gift to the Christ child on the first Christmas, but she was poor and had no means to bring an offering. Placing a bouquet of raggedy wildflowers at His feet in a gesture of love, the weeds transformed into the beautiful poinsettia.
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Holiday Office and Seasonal Party Decor

party decorOne of our favorite elements of the Christmas season is the amazing decorations everywhere you look! From aromatic wreaths to stunning centerpieces, the beauty of the holidays is unmatched. If you are looking to dress up your office, send the perfect corporate gift, or need some unique party decor, then you need to give Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist a call today! Here are just a few of our favorite ways to decorate at this time of year.
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