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Posted by raflorist on April 7, 2017 Plants

Keeping Indoor Plants Healthy & Thriving

indoor plants

Transforming any Glendora or Whittier home or office into a natural oasis is as simple as adding indoor plants – whether flowering, green, bamboo, orchids, succulents or any of the other 315,000 varieties in the world. Plants add vitality and a sense of well-being; they cleanse the air and encourage productivity. Their organic beauty instantly enhances your personal environment – the only decision is which one to select!  At Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist, we provide the highest quality plants, as well as educate you as to their care. Here are three representative plants from our collection – and a few suggestions on how to help them succeed. indoor plants

When you purchase a quality plant from Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist, you can trust that once you bring it home, you’ll be able to keep it healthy. The beautiful pothos plant (shown above) exhibits long, trailing vines that are not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to maintain. The pothos likes moderation, doing best in medium light such as in hallways, bedrooms, or offices. The plant also prefers the middle ground when it comes to hydration, meaning it doesn’t enjoy being too wet or too dry. Damp soil should adhere to your finger when you touch it, but your finger should not feel wet. Pothos plants will likely need some pruning – simply cut with scissors near the stem base.


Don’t let the gorgeous flowers fool you – the kalanchoe plant is exceptionally resilient and easy to care for. Its ease of care is due to its affiliation with the succulent family. This means that it only needs to be watered once a week, and is tolerant of bright, direct sunlight. Simply make sure that the kalanchoe is planted in such a way that it can drain well and prevent the roots from becoming saturated, and you’ll enjoy this plant for many months to come. indoor plants

The Anthurium is a tropical plant that will add vibrant color to your home or office environment. It showcases large, red waxy leaves known as bracts which are the defining characteristic of these familiar blooms. And although it looks high-maintenance, there are just a few simple rules to follow to keep your anthurium healthy. Place the plant in bright light, but not direct sunlight.Protect the plant from drafts or temperature fluctuations (such as air conditioning vents) in order to keep it from wilting. Water the plant only when the soil has gotten slightly dry, and fertilize it every other month. Then sit back and enjoy how this bright plant brings an exotic flair to your space.

You Should Know: During the winter months, you need to give your anthurium plant a rest in order to ensure healthy growth in the next season. Keep the plant in approximately 60-degree temperatures, and give it very little water for six weeks – you’ll be admiring new flowers soon!

indoor plants

Don’t Forget! Administrative Professionals Day is April 26th. Any of these lovely indoor green plants are guaranteed to be an appreciated gift for each of your very important employees. For a special occasion – or “just because” –  Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist is the place to call.

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