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Posted by raflorist on May 18, 2017 | Last Updated: February 26, 2020 Memorial Day

Sending Memorial Day Floral Arrangements

Memorial Day Floral Arrangements

They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this Nation. – Henry Ward Beecher

Throughout the last 150 years – since the end of the Civil War – Memorial Day has been celebrated as a way to honor those who lost their lives in war. First unofficially observed in 1866 as ‘Decoration Day’, this was a day set aside to decorate the graves of Civil War fallen soldiers. Soon after World War I, it was suggested that the name be changed to Memorial Day, and to include the men and women lost during any military initiative or battle. In 1971, Congress officially placed Memorial Day on the calendar, and the heart behind it is still the same to this day. If you are looking for Memorial Day floral arrangements to offer respect to friends and loved ones, you can trust the experts at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist to deliver.

Memorial Day Floral Arrangements

There are generally two types of floral arrangements sent on Memorial Day.

* To send sympathy and respect to the family of a fallen member of the military, a bouquet or floral design is generally sent to their home. These flowers should be less formal in nature – for instance, Summer’s Salute, shown above, features roses, lilies and alstroemeria, and is a fitting patriotic tribute for the home.

* If you wish to send tribute flowers to a grave site or memorial, these flowers are usually more formal, such as seen at a funeral. Crosses, wreathes, urns, grave blankets, and funeral cones are most often requested.

Memorial Day Floral ArrangementsDid You Know? Those long, slender floral branches that you often see in memorial flowers are gladioli, as seen in white, above. The gladiolus bloom is a traditional flower for memorials. Named after the legendary Roman soldiers and shaped like a sword, the glad embodies the attributes of courage, valor, and victory.

Sending Memorial Day floral arrangements is a poignant way to remember the sacrifices of American heroes through the years. This May 29, before the picnics and the barbecues, take a few moments to give respect and remembrance. We’ll provide the flowers.

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