Symbolic Meanings of Traditional Funeral Flowers

When expressing your sympathy at a memorial service, the type of flowers you select often convey specific sentiments. The traditional language of flowers allows you to send a meaningful message that goes beyond their floral beauty and your thoughtfulness.  If you are looking for a way to send a truly special and heartfelt message during this sad time, Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist are here to assist you to choose the perfect sympathy flowers.

* Lilies –  These elegant flowers are most commonly associated with memorial services. They signify the innocence and purity that has been restored to the soul of your departed loved one. Both white lilies and stargazer lilies are considered appropriate. Continue reading

Frequent Questions regarding Sympathy Flowers

While funeral flowers are sent as a tribute to the funeral service, sympathy flowers are usually a bit more personal, sent to the family at home. Flowers sent during times of sorrow express comfort and hope, and are generally less formal than a wreath or spray.  Because of the emotions involved, well-meaning people are often nervous about the etiquette involved in sending a bouquet or gift, so here are a few frequently asked questions that should help to ease your mind.

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The Etiquette of Styling the Funeral Casket

Often after a loved one has passed away, there can be some confusion as to what florals are appropriate to send. Well-meaning friends and acquaintances may want to help the family by purchasing larger pieces, but there are definite etiquettes involved in purchasing memorial pieces for the funeral elements, such as the funeral casket.

It is considered the responsibility of the closest relatives of the deceased to choose the casket spray that will sit atop the coffin during the funeral service. The additional adornments – such as the casket pillow, a flower for the lapel, a handheld bouquet, or a memorial wreath to be placed on the casket – are also a choice reserved for close family members. As a general rule, anything that touches the casket is reserved for immediate family. This is both sentimental, and also ensures that the flowers inside and atop the casket are matching in color and design.
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Appropriate Expressions of Sympathy


With the loss of a friends or relative, it can often be difficult to know exactly what to do or say. We find ourselves stumbling over words, wondering if a certain gift is appropriate, or dealing with our own grief and not knowing how to express it. Because this is a difficult time for everyone, we thought we would share some basic sympathy etiquette. sympathy

  • Send the card as soon as you hear the news. You may wish to keep a few cards at all times to save a trip to the store and ensure the card get mailed right away.
  • If you knew the deceased but not the family, send the card to the closest living relative, usually a spouse or eldest child. Make sure to sign your first and last name, and print a return address on the back.
  • Keep the message short and heartfelt and refrain from phrases such as “I know how you feel”. Simply express that you are sorry for the loss. If you were very close to the deceased, you can share a short memory or story that makes you smile.


  • Sending flowers is customary and relays sentiments without having to come up with the right words. If you send flowers to the funeral home, a wreath or spray is appropriate. You may wish to add a banner to indicate your relationship, such as “Uncle” or “Grandfather”.
  • If you heard the news after the services are completed, sending flowers to the family’s home is considered proper etiquette. A bouquet of flowers or a plant are both suitable for a home delivery.
  • Any flower or color is appropriate to send; if you know a specific flower that was special to the deceased, have the arrangement created around that.


  • Sending or bringing food to the home of the closest relative is always appreciated. If you drop by unannounced, simply drop the food with the expectation of leaving.
  • If the family asks for donations to be sent to a charitable organization in lieu of flowers, that is the appropriate gift for the memorial service. If you still wish to send flowers to express condolences, it is considered proper etiquette to send to the family home, not the service.
  • Depending on your relationship to the family, you may wish to send flowers throughout the year. Let them know you are still thinking of them, especially on birthdays or holidays.

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