Exude American Spirit on the Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July approaching quickly, it’s important to think about how you will decorate this year. Of course, red, white and blue will always exude American spirit and patriotism. We suggest using beautiful patriotic flowers for your decor, whether you display these blooms on your front porch, as centerpieces to your backyard barbecue, or simply throughout your home or office. Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist has some excellent patriotic blooms in our Fourth of July collection for you to choose from. Take a look and choose something perfect for your Independence Day this year.

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Surround Yourself With Summertime Blooms

As summer approaches we look forward to warmer weather, longer days and bright bold colors. Whether you like to open your house up for a warm breeze or step outside to enjoy these longer days, we encourage you to enjoy summer to its fullest. The floral designers at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist have put together an amazing line of of summer flowers so that you can surround yourself with beautiful, summertime blooms. Take a look at our summer showcase and choose something amazing to enhance your summer experience.

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White Floral Styles For All Seasons

Gone are the days when wearing or decorating with white had to be finished by Labor Day. Even though white is a great color for summer, it can be used with warmer textures and fabrics well into fall and winter as well. While traditions are fine, being free to create the kind of look you want is even better. The floral designers at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist have created some amazing all-white floral arrangements that you’ll want to display long after the days of summer have passed.

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Flowers That Bees Know And Love

Did you know that the bee population is on the decline? In the past several decades, the number of bees has dropped about 30% each year, due to issues like habitat loss and climate change. This could become a major problem since bees are responsible for pollinating almost 90% of the world’s food crops. We need bees, and right now, they need us, too. Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist encourage you to help bees grow in number by designing a garden or backyard space where they can work and thrive. Flowers like daisies, sunflowers, roses and lavender are some of bees’ favorites- brightly colored petals attract bees, and adding a little fresh water and shade to your yard will benefit them as well.

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Summertime, And The Food And Flowers Are Fine

In summertime, sunset is a perfect time for an outdoor evening with friends. Days grow longer in the summer and weather is perfect for lingering outside. Creating a stunning dinner party can be simple and stress-free when choosing the right floral arrangement to accompany your table. Pairing great flowers with delicious food and music can tie the evening together in a beautiful way. The floral designers at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist are eager to help you choose the best design for your next event.

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Dazzling Early Summer Flowers

Sometimes we simply cannot contain the sizzle that comes with a summer bash. The colors, the music and the energy of warm summer months just call for a celebration. No matter what kind of party you’re throwing this summer, be sure to adorn the room with bright, fun flowers that add to the atmosphere. The floral designers at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist are having a ball arranging the perfect bouquets for every kind of summer occasion.

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Best Friends & Sisters Have Their Day

best friends

National Friendship Day was established by Congress in 1935, and it was determined that the new holiday would fall on the first Sunday in August. The day set aside to celebrate one of life’s most important relationships didn’t catch on in the U.S. as well as it did around the world. Still, millions of people do take this annual opportunity to give accolades to their best friends.

Did You Know? August 6 is also National Sisters Day, and since our best friends and our sisters can be the same person, that seems only appropriate!  Continue reading

Summer Hydrangea Flowers & Designs

summer hydrangea

Of all the seasonal flowers, the summer hydrangea may be one of the least appreciated. Not because its beautiful colors and lush, generous flowers are not recognized – but because they have largely been relegated to playing a supporting role in many floral arrangements. Still, this popular summer flower, which blooms between late spring and early fall, is deserving of our attention and our July spotlight! This month, how about bringing home a huge bouquet of hydrangea? Their ethereal ambiance and refreshing palettes make them the perfect choice for mid-summer floral arrangements.  Continue reading

Summer Flowers & Seasonal Centerpieces

summer flowers

Summer is here, with all its sunshine, blue skies, and vibrant colors. In the summertime, bold and bright is the only way to go – and as you prepare for all of your summer parties, barbecues and dinners, Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist are preparing beautiful, vivid summer flowers and designs that will brighten any gathering. Throughout Glendora, Whittier, and Rowland Heights, we are your go-to source for all of your floral party decor needs this summer.  Continue reading