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Send Meaningful Affection

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly which means it’s time to start thinking about how you will show your sweetheart and loved ones how you feel about them. While boxes of chocolates and heart-shaped cards are always a fun surprise, floral experts at Ron and Alicia Robinson Florist still believe that flowers are the best way to communicate what your heart is trying to say. Different styles of flowers and the colors in which they are presented each communicate a different message, from friendship and admiration to love and desire. Let her know exactly how you feel about her at Valentine’s Day this year with the flowers you choose to send. Read More about Send Meaningful Affection »
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The Year’s Most-Wedded Month

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” -Victor Hugo The month of June sees more weddings and anniversaries that any other month of the year. Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful time to reflect on how we fell in love with our spouse, how we chose to walk through life together and how far we’ve come so far. When you said your vows, you didn’t necessarily know where life would take you, but your love has grown deeper in ways you could never have guessed. We at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist believe you should honor such a journey with flowers that let your spouse know how treasured she is. Read More about The Year’s Most-Wedded Month »
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Make Your Romance Creative This Month

Sometimes the month of February and the all-important holiday of Valentine's Day can actually feel a little stressful because of the need to impress a significant other. While flowers and beautiful bouquets of roses can certainly create romance, spending a little time to get creative and come up with something unexpected from Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist can help create a month of love that you never want to end. Read More about Make Your Romance Creative This Month »
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Floral Arrangements for National Romance Month

Can you feel it? Love is in the air, signaling that National Romance Month has arrived. Perfectly situated between Valentine's Day and the holidays, this celebration conveys all the spontaneity and fun of romance in the summertime, and gives us the opportunity to surprise our loved one with tokens of affection all month long. At Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist, we know that love is not confined to any season, because we deliver romance all year-round. If you have any questions as to the types of flowers you should send to represent your relationship, we are here to help! For instance, red roses are the reigning champion of romantic florals. Representing true love and passion, this classic bloom leaves no room for misunderstanding of your feelings! But other colors of roses have romantic inferences as well - pink signifies a sweet, adoring love; white roses represent purity and are perfect for weddings, and orange roses convey passion and excitement about a relationship.  Read More about Floral Arrangements for National Romance Month »
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