Sweetest Day an Opportunity for Kindness

sweetest day

Just in case you thought that random acts of kindness were a contemporary phenomenon, Sweetest Day comes around to remind you that people have been awesome and compassionate for a long time!

Sweetest Day was the idea of Herbert Kingston, a line worker in a Cleveland candy company in the early 1920’s. Herbert thought that it would be a kind gesture to give out boxes of chocolate at orphanages and nursing homes. He ran his idea up the corporate ladder, and the powers-that-be agreed to the plan. The media got a hold of the story, and the sentiment of doing nice things for the underprivileged began to grow. In 1927, New York State declared Sweetest Week, and nearly 100 years later, many regions of the United States still celebrate the holiday. However, now the day has grown to include any sweet gesture that lifts someone’s spirits. Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist loves partnering with you to brighten people’s days, on this occasion and throughout the year. Continue reading